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Rachel & Louis - 2x06

Bring back this beautiful friendship :’(

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Anonymous asked: I will never forgive suits writers for what they did to Rachel and her relationship with Mike.



Me neither, anon. It’s like Aaron Korsh and his team sat down in the writer’s room together and one was like “We need some drama again this season” and another one was like “How about one of those overused love triangles so many people loathe?!”.

There was a lot of potential for Rachel’s character when the new season started and I wish the writers would have worked with that. How much money I would pay to see Rachel and Harvey working together. I would have loved to see her working cases, showing her skills and what a great lawyer she’ll make once she’s finished with law school. Instead we got Logan (quiet an interesting character though) who the writers use to stir up shit in Mike and Rachel’s relationship. First, Rachel tells Mike that he’s the one she wants to spend her life with and then she kisses Logan. Like why write a scene like this if you don’t mind staying true to it in the first place? They should have used the time they spent on this useless storyline of Mike and Harvey being on opposite side on other characters. It’s time for Jessica and Rachel finally getting some spotlight, we’ve celebrated Mike and Harvey’s relationship long enough.

If they need a break up between MIke and Rachel they should have done it last season or should have come up with a better reason. How about Rachel trying to juggle working at Pearson&Specter, staying ahead of law school and other things? How about Mike trying to support her as best as he can? And how about it not working out in the end because he’s also working his ass off? Might still be cliched but at least more respectful wrt Rachel’s character.

I just wish the Suits writers would finally get the hang of creating drama that feels natural and organic that also doesn’t throw any of the female characters under the bus.

Preach it sis!! 

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Every time a good show introduces a love triangle a part of my soul dies

it’s just magic. a love triangle can ruin everything.

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